Text Message Communications for Schools and Educational Institutions

Online banking has seen an incredible boom in the last decade, including the massive uptake of mobile banking. While mobile banking was originally performed through SMS then through mobile browsers, with mobile banking becoming far more commonplace in society, banking apps have become increasingly sophisticated and the security to protect customers has had to evolve accordingly. Financial institutions of all kinds, including banks, building societies, credit unions, credit card companies, remittance companies, brokerage firms, non-bank lenders and money transfer enterprises can benefit enormously from mobile banking, as can their clients.

School administration can be streamlined and improved immeasurably through enhanced communications and software integrations. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and even the most basic mobile phones have the capacity to both send and receive SMS text messages.

Using SMS for administration in education is the most appropriate and convenient way to communicate with the school or other educational institution's community: parents, teachers, students, and other staff.

SMS for Teachers, Schools and Communities

No matter the type of educational institution, you can use SMS text messaging to keep all parties informed of developments or last minute changes. Education text messaging can be applied to preschools, primary and secondary schools, universities, TAFE colleges, learning centres, community colleges, and other training and educational facilities.

Text Messaging for Schools

Absenteeism alerts: promptly alert parents or guardians to a child's absence. The parent can either respond via text to explain the absence, or is alerted to truancy on their child's part. These alerts can link back to your attendance tracking software through integration.

  • Monitor student welfare

  • Communicate wet weather plans to parents on excursion or carnival days

  • Remind parents of student free days, Book Week dress ups, uniform-free days, etc

  • Provide excursion updates

  • Reminders for sporting carnivals and events

  • Coordinate parent volunteers

  • Send enrolment information

  • Send payment reminders

  • Provide updates on student performance and progress

  • Notify of parent teacher events

Bonus: does your school use a parent teacher interview scheduling tool? If you schedule through SimplyBook.me, ScheduleOnce or similar software, you can create no-code integrations with eBulletin to automate your confirmation SMS when interviews are booked. Take the automations further and reduce the risk of no- shows by sending SMS reminders on the day, with the time of the interview and how to find the correct room or a video conference link.

Text Messaging for Tertiary Institutions

If you work for a university, TAFE, community college or trade school, create a two-way communication channel with your students with SMS messaging for tertiary institutions. Use text messaging to keep students informed of:

  • Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on social media or online

  • Send SMS to service personnel to direct them to jobs

  • Advise customers of pending service arrival or deliveries

  • Send payment reminders

  • Advise order cancellations for non-payment

  • Thank customers for their patronage

  • Encourage customer feedback

Through the use of text messaging you know that the message will reach on time every time.

Some Favourite Use Cases and SMS Templates for the Banking and Finance Industry

Create greater connections with your customers in the moments that matter with messaging that actually gets read.

Loan Approval

Hi {first name}, your loan with {bank} has been approved. We have sent your loan docs via email - if you have not received them, please contact us. Kind regards, {bank}.

Credit Card Payment Reminder

Hi {first name}, just a friendly reminder that your credit card ending {4 digits} is due on {day}. The minimum repayment is {repayment amount}. Please ensure repayment is made promptly to avoid late fees. {Bank}.

Reminder - Credit Card Mailed

Hi {first name}, your new credit card with {bank} has been mailed to you. Please note, your PIN has been sent separately. If you have not received your credit card and/or PIN by {date}, please get in contact with us to reissue it. {Bank}.

Large Bank Transaction Notification

Hi {first name}, this is an automated warning that {amount} has been transferred from your bank account to {recipient}. If this was not you, please contact us immediately. {Bank}.

ATM Transaction Notification

Hi {first name}, you have withdrawn {withdraw amount} from {ATM location}. Total account balance is {balance amount}. If this wasn't you, please contact us immediately. {Bank}.

Rate Change SMS

Hi {first name}, with the recent reserve bank rate {cut/increase}, the interest rate on your loan account has been updated to {interest rate}. Your new repayments will be {amount} as of {date}. If you have any questions, please contact us. {Bank}.

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