Text Message Communications for Emergency Services

It's a high energy, high stress environment for many in the emergency services. Don't let communication troubles add to the stress of your job. Integrate your applications with eBulletin and allow us to take care of automated communications, leaving you free to focus on saving lives.

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Send Emergency SMS in Crisis or Disaster Situations

Send text message alerts and mobilise people quickly in emergency situations:

  • Fire or explosion

  • Gunman or armed person on the loose

  • Bomb threat

  • Terrorist threat

  • Shark attack

  • Domestic violence

  • Kidnapping

  • Invasion

You can also use it to cascade emergency response plans, alert people to test safety procedures and completion of this testing. In many cases, like domestic violence or kidnappings, text can be far safer than other options like making voice calls.

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In situations where timing is critical, ensure that your message gets out quickly and is received and read quickly to minimise panic and confusion. With 98% open rates, of which 90% are opened in the first few minutes, you can reach people quickly with text messaging. Send an emergency text message blast through our dashboard - simply send quick SMS, enter your message and choose your recipient list. You can see in real time as your message is delivered.

In medical emergencies, have medical alerts trigger text messages to the right people through text message integration. Find out more about our healthcare text message solutions.

Send Texts for Wild Weather Alerts

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Before Mother Nature strikes, get ahead of the danger with quick, efficient communication tools. Streamline communications alerts and blast emergency text messages to alert people to fires, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, excessive snow or hail, heatwave, hurricanes or tornadoes.

Easily distribute critical information or instructions to people in the vicinity and ensure people are informed.

Post-disaster it is still incredibly important for information to be circulated quickly and reliably. Keep people informed and offer an incident response line where people can text and get accurate information.

Use Text Messaging to Mobilise Staff or Volunteers

Get the right personnel on board and quickly when emergency strikes. With emergency SMS notifications you know that you can reach the right people no matter where they are. Send messages from the dashboard, or even from your favourite email program with our email to SMS tool.

Useful Emergency Text Message Alert Templates

When change occurs or trouble arises, be prepared with the following emergency alert templates.

SMS for imminent threat: terrorism, bomb, etc.


We have received a {threat type} threat. Please be prepared to evacuate immediately. DO NOT PANIC. Failure to comply with instructions from authorities could result in loss of lives.

SMS for imminent threat: armed person


We have located an armed person at {location}. Please find the nearest room and lock yourself in, or stay away from {location}. Monitor your phone for further instructions.

Testing Emergency System Text Message


We are conducting a test of the building emergency system. This will take {time} and requires no action. We will confirm once it has been complete. This is a test only.

Test Complete Text Message


Testing of the building emergency system is complete. Please continue to follow all instructions.

SMS Broadcast for Weather Change of Plans

Hi {first name}, due to poor weather conditions, {event} will be held at {wet weather location} today. Parking and transport information can be found here {link}. {Organiser}.

Text Message for Natural Disaster Evacuation


{Threat} is rapidly approaching {location}. If you are not staying to fight the threat, ensure you evacuate now.

SMS for emergency services exist to streamline your communications in times where you need to send information quickly and have it read and actioned in minutes, ultimately allowing you to focus on saving lives.

More than Just Emergency Text Messaging

Text messaging is a great option for the hearing impaired, to ensure that the message is accessible and easy to understand. Ensure your vision impaired subscribers are included using our text to speech voice calls; type your message into our dashboard and have it sent as a voice call to thousands of people instantly.

And for less time-critical communications we also offer email, a cloud fax service, online letter print and mail and custom postcards.

Example of Car Dealership Marketing MMS

Voice Gateway

Example of Car Dealership Marketing MMS

Email Gateway

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Fax Gateway

Example of Car Dealership Marketing MMS

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Choosing E-bulletin

Ebulletin can provide you with the communication structure that will help your team efficiently collaborate. Our significant experience in connecting remote teams means that we’re well equipped to help you make the most of your remote work arrangements!

Brosix’s holistic approach to security means that your team members can safely communicate wherever they may find themselves in the world.

With Brosix, your team will feel like it’s in the same office regardless of team members’ current location! Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help your remote team thrive!

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