Simplify Processes with Government Text Messaging

Government departments get a bad rap when it comes to inefficiencies. People rely on governments to run efficiently and to spend tax dollars in ways that best benefit their constituents. Save time and money by streamlining your government communications with eBulletin.

A government environment presents its own unique administrative challenges, including a much greater demand for enhanced services with an expectation of a high level of efficiency and security. Digital technology has transformed the way we live and conduct business; engagement between government and citizens can now be immediate and personalised, thanks to text messaging solutions.

Government Text Messaging to Streamline Communications

Government agencies across all departments, from justice to education, health to planning, can utilise government SMS solutions in the following ways:

  • Coordinate staff in all departments: education, health and aged care, tax office, emergency services, national security and defence, veteran welfare, reserve bank, tourism boards, federal law courts, foreign affairs, industry, communications, etc.

  • Automate important notifications - have critical updates sent to relevant personnel when things go awry and ensure that issues are fixed as quickly as possible.

  • Send appointment reminders to staff and suppliers by text message, ensuring that wherever the recipient is, they have received the message.

  • Avoid the need for external staffing agencies and keep human resourcing in house - fill shift gaps, publish employee rosters, alert staff to new training and send recruitment related communications using automated text messages or ad hoc SMS blasts.

  • Send alerts to emergency service workers - keep your fire fighters, police, paramedics or search and rescue workers safe when conditions change.

  • Make incident reporting faster and more streamlined with text messaging; add on automations like autoresponders and integrations with forms so you can send further instructions automatically and have lists continue to populate.

Improve staff productivity and reduce administrative costs using text messaging in all your government communications.

Text Messaging for Political Campaigns

For candidates seeking government election, use text messaging to get your supporters to rally for you. Successful government agencies are those which engage with citizens for the convenience and satisfaction of those citizens. This relates to government agencies at Local, State, and Federal levels. Engage your community with personalised political text messages and see your approval rate increase. Or even send out a postcard with our online postcard print and mail service.

Favourite SMS Templates for Government and Politics

Generate more sales and custom with messaging that actually gets read (and gets responses).

SMS for Political Campaign Rallies

Hi {first name}, just confirming that you can still make our test drive appointment on {date} at {time}. Please reply with YES to confirm or NO to cancel. Thanks {car dealership}

Text Message Political Donation Request

Hi {first name}, support us in bringing about change to {cause}. Donate at {link} and be part of the change you want to see. {Campaign hashtag}

Text Message to Mobilise Volunteers

We can't do this without your help. We need another {amount} of volunteers for {task} on {day}. Support your candidate and help us make real change. Reply YES to confirm or MORE INFO for details.

Text Message for Compliance Training

Hi {first name}, your {skill} compliance training is about to expire on {date}. Go to {link} to complete the latest module to ensure you remain compliant. {Department}.

Government Department System Alert

Hi {first name}. This is an automatic alert of {system name} failure. This incident has been logged under {incident code} and is likely to be resolved in {ETA}.

SMS for Government Department Hiring

Hey {first name}, thanks for interviewing today with {interviewer}. Please check your email as we have sent your job offer there. We look forward to having you on board. {Department}

SMS for government departments and politics is here to enhance communication within your department or party; streamlining policy processes, reducing the time and cost of administration, and boosting electorate satisfaction with the ultimate result of growing your reputation and making you more effective at your role.

Government and Politics Communications Made Easy

Invest in SMS appointment reminder software and government SMS solutions for all government departments at every level – and deliver that service which your constituents expect and deserve.

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Choosing E-bulletin

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