SMS For Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents are first and foremost in the business of communicating. Selling requires outstanding customer service and networking skills; where communication is the foundation of both. SMS real estate solutions and an SMS messaging service are the cornerstone of success in the modern real estate industry.

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"Hi Ramya, are you still searching for your new home? This loft just hit the market and I thought you would love it! Great location and minutes from your office. For more info and to book a viewing visit: Chat soon, Natalie, Soho Realty."

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MMS for real estate agents to share new property listings with potential buyers

Good morning, as a valued customer we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and kindly remind you that your Racer is due for its scheduled service in December. To book your service please contact our Service Department on 555 5888 during the hours of 8am to 5pm weekdays. Kind Regards Mandurah Racer Dealer.

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SMS for property managers and landlords.

Real estate agents need to keep in touch and be instantly contactable by tenants, landlords, vendors, buyers, tradespeople, prospects, the rest of the real estate team and other staff. Realtor SMS solutions allow for instant, two-way communication between you and all of your leads, staff and suppliers.

Benefits of SMS in the Real Estate Business

Sell and lease properties faster

Reach clients and leads in real time. With 98% open rates and 90% of messages opened within minutes of receipt, your important marketing and communications messages are being received and read. There are so many ways you can use SMS to elevate your real estate business.

  • Send SMS with attachments, or MMS images of the property, and automate replies to help clients decide faster.

  • Don't wait for people to see new listings online or to read an email, send them by SMS and they'll get read within minutes.

  • Display a shortcode on your For Sale/For Lease signs that people can easily text to and automatically receive information using SMS autoresponders.

Keep vendors happy, keep cash flowing

With SMS text messaging for real estate, you can easily keep vendors, buyers and landlords informed, and manage tenants.

  • Rent reminders with shortlink to your payment platform.

  • Inform tenants of inspection dates.

  • Arrange repairs and engage tradespeople to service properties.

  • Arrange strata meetings.

  • Two-way SMS displays texts as chats, which makes it easy to continue conversations and provide real support to your customers.

SMS for Realtors and Property Sales

Use real estate text messaging to complement your sales strategy and reduce the time on market for your property listings.

  • Confirm client appointments and send SMS reminders prior to inspections, auctions and home opens to reduce no-shows and improve attendance rates.

  • Send all documentation for buying and selling, final inspections and settlement with reminders. You can also automate the sending of sales documentation through our online post system - have letters of approval, settlement documents and contracts mailed at the click of a button with our online post service.

  • Get the most out of your advertising spend with SMS. Include SMS keywords on for sale signs, in TV advertising, on the radio or in direct mail to grow your SMS database.

New Property Listing to Interested Potential Buyers

Hi {first name}, I've just listed a new property in {suburb}, with {number} bed and {number} bath plus {awesome feature}. It also has a great {next best feature}. I think it will be perfect for you. I'd love to show it to you - here's my availability {calendar link}. {Agent name}.

Lead Re-Engagement

Hi {first name}, were you still interested in properties in {suburb}? I have several new listings that I think you might like. I'd love to show you some - if you're interested, here's my availability {calendar link}. {Agent name}.

By keeping all interested parties in the loop, you'll maximise customer satisfaction and you know that these customers will return when they decide to sell their next property.

SMS for Leases and Rental Properties

Coordinate staff, suppliers and leads with text messages and get your rental properties filled faster. Use an SMS gateway for all your rental communications, including text messages to:

  • Keep tenants updated on inspections, repairs, cleaning, etc.

  • Automate rent reminder text messages to help landlords get paid on time

  • Facilitate vetting processes and streamline communication of rental agreements.

  • Contact plumbers, electricians or other tradespeople to complete repairs.

Rental Properties Listed SMS

Hi {first name}, I’ve just listed a new rental property in {suburb} that will be perfect for you. It has {feature}, {feature} and is close to {shops/transport/schools, etc}. If you’re interested let’s set up a time {calendar link}. {Agent name}.

Rental Application Follow Up

Hi {first name}, thanks for lodging your documents with {agency}. Your application has been successful and we will send you your new rental agreement within {amount of time}. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. {Agent name}.

SMS for Building Development

If you're in the business of building new homes, you can also use real estate text messaging for streamline communications in all stages of the building process, from design to completion. Keep property developers, builders, architects, suppliers and buyers in the loop when critical updates are available or plans change.

Contractor SMS Reminders

Hi {site manager}, {service provider} will be coming to add {service} to {property} on {date} at {time}. Please ensure that {preparatory work} is completed before then. Kind regards, {service provider}.

Client Communications to Confirm Details

Hi {client name}, could you please confirm which option you would like for {building detail}. The options are {option 1} or {option 2}. Please respond with your preferred option ASAP to avoid delays. Kind regards, {builder}.

You can use text message marketing to upsell on building developments - offer buyers upgrades like luxury finishings or flooring, a kitchen island, better appliances and countertops, bigger cabinets, energy savers, more lighting, etc. Or use SMS marketing for realtors to alert potential buyers to new plots of land becoming available.

SMS for Strata and Property Management

Boost the productivity at your strata agency with text messaging for strata. Simplify communications around strata meetings with apartment owners, coordinate properties with tradespeople for cleaning of common grounds and building repairs.

Property Maintenance SMS Reminders for Tenants

Hi {tenant name}, {service provider} will be coming to fix {service} on {date} at {time}. If you are unable to be home at the confirmed time, please let me know ASAP so we can reschedule. {Property manager}.

Landlord Text Communications

Hi {owner}, the AGM for {address} will be held on {date} at {time}. Please confirm whether you will be able to make it, send a proxy or be absent. Kind regards, {Name}, {Strata Company}.

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, and open rates for mobile text messages are over ninety percent. Response rates are also higher than for any other mode of communication. Text messaging is a premium and unobtrusive way to communicate quickly and effectively with almost all people, making it ideal for real estate agents and housing industry professionals.

Manage All Real Estate Communications with eBulletin

When you sign up for text messaging with eBulletin, you also get access to our full communications suite. Realtors especially love our online postcard service to create beautiful Just Listed/Just Sold or real estate farming postcards. Send printed postcards to your clients, tenants, leads, staff or suppliers at the click of a button, or automatically triggered through one of our slick integrations. Simply upload the postcard design and we print and post your postcard, saving you hours and keeping you top of mind for your clients.

We also offer our user friendly MMS gateway, transactional email platform, text-to-speech voice calling and a letter print to post service. Or find out more about our integrations and how you can get the most from your realtor communications suite.

Choosing E-bulletin

Ebulletin can provide you with the communication structure that will help your team efficiently collaborate. Our significant experience in connecting remote teams means that we’re well equipped to help you make the most of your remote work arrangements!

Brosix’s holistic approach to security means that your team members can safely communicate wherever they may find themselves in the world.

With Brosix, your team will feel like it’s in the same office regardless of team members’ current location! Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help your remote team thrive!

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