Increase Patronage, Productivity and Profit with Bar and Restaurant SMS Messaging

The humble text message is still one of the most effective ways to contact people en masse and it is perfectly suited to the hospitality industry. It facilitates fast and effective communication between staff, guests, and patrons, which is incredibly important for bars and restaurants.

Sushi Saturdays

All You Can Eat.

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The 300 SRT Racer is here! This unique car is now @ Wellard Krysler. VERY limited stock, only 50 in Oz. Call 55503141 or visit

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Send mouthwatering images of your food via MMS to really drive desirability.

Hi Romy, we know you work hard and deserve to be rewarded. So come join us at Pinky's Pub for free pint with every main tapas meal, Wednesdays only. Book your booth here:

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Use SMS for quick, simple highly effective promotions at your bar, cafe or restaurant.

Ensure your bar, cafe or restaurant is always buzzing by sending your customers enticing offers. Restaurant text messaging or SMS for bars and nightclubs is brilliant for maximising your reach and getting your message to customers when you want it to.

Benefits of SMS for Bars and Restaurants

If you want your marketing and staff communications constantly opened and read, then use SMS.

Drive booking and footfall - in real time

SMS messages generally take seconds to reach their destination and with 98% opened and read it's super effective.

  • Reach customers when they're hungry; schedule messages to reach people around meal times and use MMS to send mouth-watering images of your dishes.

  • Get promotions created and delivered quickly; suddenly want to do a 50% off a meal promotion? This can be done in minutes using SMS and get the customer to show the message to redeem so you can instantly track success.

Reduce no-shows - automatically

Confirm reservations and send reminders closer to the date to reduce patrons not turning up and also to give them the opportunity to re-book.

  • Integrate SMS with your booking system and automatically confirm and remind customers of their reservation.

  • Use auto-responder keywords to automatically confirm, cancel or re-book reservations.

Restaurant staffing via SMS example
Staff messaging that gets received and read - instantly

Text messaging is also perfect for managing staff

  • Communicate with your employee base instantly to fill shifts and administer rosters.

  • Communicate two-way.

  • Send important messages, VIP alerts, special requirements to all your staff.

  • And instantly respond to staff and supplier messages.

Some Favourite SMS Templates for the Hospitality Industry

Entice more patrons and return business with messaging that actually gets read (and gets responses).

Promotional Text Message for Restaurants

Hey {first name}, feeling hungry? Tonight we are serving our famous, home-made [dish name]. Reserve your table by replying with your arrival time and number of guests. Bon Appetit! [Restaurant].

Booking Confirmation SMS for Restaurants

Hi {first name}, thank you for your reservation with [restaurant]. Just confirming your reservation for {number} people at {time}. We're looking forward to seeing you then. [Restaurant].

Seasonal Menu Change SMS for Cafes

Hi {first name}, with the weather getting [warmer/cooler], we've added some new products to our range. Try out our new [product] or [product] from [seasonal range name] and let us know what you think! Kind regards, [cafe].

Booking Reminder Texts for Cafes

Hi {first name}, we're looking forward to hosting you and your party of {number places booked} at {time}. If you're unable to make your reservation, please reply 'CANCEL'. Kind regards, [cafe name].

Promotional Text Messages for Bars or Nightclubs

You won't want to miss this! The {Artist name} tour is coming to [bar/nightclub] and first release tickets have just dropped. Secure the hottest tickets in town - book now! {Link}.

Thank You Text Message for Restaurants and Bars

Hey {first name}, thanks for joining us at [business name] last night. We'd love to know how we did. Please rate your satisfaction on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (amazing).

SMS hospitality solutions exist to enhance your restaurant, cafe or bar; improving your repeat business, reducing the time and cost of administration, and enhancing customer satisfaction with the ultimate result of increased profit and business growth.

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